Our Story

Unrefined Essentials was birthed from the idea of wanting to find an all-natural DIY recipe to achieve the lasting moisturizing results that I just could not achieve from using over the counter lotions. I searched and experimented until I found a recipe that was just right. No shocker to me, the butter provided an all-day moisture that just could not be achieved using lotions that we bought in the store. Not to mention the way it helped with my dry skin irritation.

I noticed that family and friends enjoyed the recipe and raved so much about it. I was willing to share my recipe, but making it on their own was something they were not interested in. At that point, I decided to open up my own shop to sell my products. It has been a success to anyone that has tried them.

Our products are made with unrefined butters, unrefined oils and all natural fragrances that won't irritate your skin. Hence why we chose the name Unrefined Essentials. It embodies exactly what we are about. Providing essential nutrients, vitamins and moisture using products of nature. We only use the best of the best. A lot of research has gone into finding where to purchase these all natural ingredients to deliver our best products. Not only are they good for your skin, you won't break the bank buying our high-quality products either. *Smiles*

Your skin deserves what our products have to offer. Using our body and face care products, your skin will reveal it's true essence.